Weekend Switzer – What happens when the hungry become full!

How many times have we discussed the underdog and the hunger they show when taking on the big dogs? Whether it is your local footy team or a new business trying to take on a bigger competitor – as onlookers we revel behind the idea of David beating Goliath. The members of the team focus on the opportunity, block out the distractions around them and become very motivated to succeed. Due to their underdog status, failure is not a consideration as it is an expectation. This allows the individuals to remove the fear of failure and focus on the “art …

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Weekend Switzer – Tone Pitch and the Eye Roll

I did a quick search on google for leadership styles and guess how many articles, theories and perspectives there are?  Well you might be surprised to know that the answer is similar  to the name of the search engine – apparently a googl  is a number. By the way for those who were interested the answer is 10 100 . The majority of  these articles tend to focus on a few distinct areas – how to be a great leader, what great leaders say, how great leaders drive performance, within those points we again find a number of theories which …

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Peter Switzer – Weekend Newsletter – July

Just stop motivating me! How many times have you actually thought this statement? For the most part I am sure it was subconsciously, but I suspect there may have been those few moments in which you simply lost control and shouted it aloud. We are continually bombarded with messages that are designed to motivate us to do something, stop something, start something or even blame someone for something that is likely out of their control. Motivation is a powerful emotion, which since the dawn of time, has driven our behaviours and even kept us safe. But there is a good …

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How Bruce Wayne Becomes Batman

During the day you are the mild mannered Billionaire – having long lunches, creating strategic pathways, providing guidance to your charges, occasionally making strategic decisions and generally enjoying life.  Your days are for the most predictable and as long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes, you’re cruising. Then as a famous cartoon character once said,   “There is an Earth Shattering Kaboom!’ Ok technically the Kaboom never happened as he was always waiting for it, but imagine if in your world it did. Would you be ready to handle the aftermath of this crisis, making all the decisions needed …

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