That is no way to run a business

At dinner last night i was sharing my idea of this blog and within seconds i had my first contribution from a mate – let’s call him Eddy. Two years ago Ed and his wonderful wife purchased a new fancy bed from a local retailer. The bed came with a 10 year warranty and was promptly delivered to their home. Within the first year they noticed the bed was starting to slump in the middle  – But Ed with a smile on his face suggested that was his doing 🙂 over the next year they realised that in fact it was an actual issue with the bed and they contacted the company who made the bed. Within a couple of days the bed was picked up and a loaner was left behind, within a week they were informed that the bed was faulty and they could head back to the original store and find a replacement from any bed in their range. Turns out the style of bed they had was no longer made by the company and rather than arguing the point, using legal jargon or simply stalling the process – the company simple asked Ed to head back to the store and use the store credit they had provided to purchase any bed they wanted. The company absolutely realised that they would be buying a bed from a competitor but still responded accordingly .


That is no way to run a business

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40k No way

Well there is always a first for everything. After 18 years in the corporate world I can safely safe this is a first for me and a moment I will never forget. When I first started this blog my intent was to try and share stories which were incredible and memorable while providing some insights into amazing customer service. My secondary goal was to challenge businesses out there on how they can consider their business with a different lens in the creation of customer loyalty. And quite frankly this organisation should stand as a beacon for everyone out there. So back

What is great customer service

So let me start with what it is not – it is not just doing your job, it is not just sticking to the company processes and it is not simply smiling at a customer as they leave the store. It is using every discretionary piece of effort you have to ensure that every customer feels like they are the most important customer to ever grace the store in fact they should feel like they are the only customer to every shop there. Okay I do recognise the lunacy of my demand but I find it fascinating they ever know

Don’t mix flying with buying

So after deciding to write this Blog on how businesses should not run in a way to ensure they will be ultimately successful I experienced my own moment of incredible service. I recently was invited to speak at a conference in India and while i am not a regular in-flight shopper I have my eye on a pair of the cheap sunglasses i had seen in the magazine. After getting comfortable I called the flight attendant  and enquired on the availability of the sunnies – to my dismay i was informed another customer had bought the last pair. He apologised and

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